The project aims to increase the energy efficiency of Krakodlew S.A. through the modernization of energy-intensive processes and the increased use of renewable energy sources.

improving energy efficiency

Implementation of more energy-saving technologies – modernization and reconstruction of production lines in the area of ​​inter-site logistics equipment – overhead cranes.

Energy modernization of facilities in the area of ​​reducing electricity consumption from systems lighting production stations and passageways.

Share of renewable energy sources in the energy mix of electricity supply sources – use of photovoltaic technologies – Construction and assembly of a photovoltaic installation with a capacity of 39.6 kWp



The energy efficiency of the project in the area of ​​equipment (gantry cranes) will increase.

Increasing the energy efficiency of solutions

will be achieved thanks to the use of completely new drive systems characterized by:

high rates of energy efficiency,

active power control systems,

reduced weight of cranes and its components for which electricity consumption was calculated, with the same operating time.

reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

It allows you to monitor the achieved results energy consumption based on the installed metering devices energy consumption, monitoring systems integrated with modernized cranes and lighting, as well as readings from inverters of renewable energy installations.
the need of implementing the project
The minimization of electricity bills requires taking into account a number of factors. The results of the commissioned energy efficiency audit showed a great possibility of increasing energy efficiency for the Applicant's plant and a positive impact on the natural environment. Greenhouse gas emissions are the basic determinant of sustainable economic development. The reduction of these emissions has become one of the leading priorities in global environmental policy. Following this trend, Krakodlew S.A. commissioned a cost reduction study through energy retrofits which identified several areas for possible retrofitting, including the three areas that are the subject of this application.