“Large-size” parametres

The effect of research and development works

The subject of the project is the market implementation of new, innovative, large-size ingot molds up to 50 Mg and slag ladles up to 40 Mg.

It is the result of R&D works carried out by Krakodlew S.A. independent and jointly with the Foundry Department of the AGH University of Science and Technology.


These castings, thanks to the success of the R&D works carried out in the Company, can be produced at the unprecedented quality and utility level.

change of the existing technology of machining and cleaning of castings

Obtaining the appropriate parameters in industrial conditions and achieving their repeatability requires implementation works aimed at changing the existing technology of machining and cleaning of castings.

The implementation of the project contribute to: increase in the innovativeness of Krakodlew S.A. on the domestic and European market also improving working conditions and safety by reducing dustiness.
"The developed technology for mechanical processing and cleaning of large-size castings with the assumed quality and utility parameters, created as part of the completed project, was implemented into the business activities of Krakodlew S.A. by starting production based on the obtained project results. Improved castings expand the catalog of products offered by the company and contribute to the increase in the company's innovativeness on the domestic and foreign market."

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund Regional Development

under the Intelligent Development Program.