Modern laboratory
in the interest of the highest quality

To take care of the highest quality, our products are thoroughly inspected. We perform metal chemical composition tests and strength tests. Additional we make ultrasonic and magnetic-powder tests of transport elements such as trunnions and rings as well as sensitive places such as the bottom of the slag pots.

Acceptance Certificate 3.1 including material confirmation and measurement report is attached to the castings we deliver.

Our laboratory contains following equipment:

Station for the preparation of metal samples

Station for the analysis of the metal structure

Spectrometer for testing the chemical composition of a metal

Station for the analysis of carbon and sulfur content in metal

6 (2)

Station equipped with a chamber furnace for roasting and testing moulding sand samples

Station to perform Charpy Impact Tests and testing material tensile strength by tearing samples

20210216_152210 (2)

Hardness tester

9 (3)

Induction furnace for melting batch material samples