Krakodlew S.A. is the biggest foundry in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe. The foundry was founded in 1966 as a department of ingot moulds of the Lenin Steelworks in Kraków. In 1995 on the basis of the ingot mould department, the joint stock company Krakodlew S.A. was established. Since the beginning of its activity, the company has specialized in manufacturing metallurgical equipment for over 100 clients all over the world. In the second half of the 1990s, Krakodlew S.A. extended its manufacturing profile by including the production of counterweights for mobile cranes, drilling machines, excavators and other machines.

Wide range of sizes, high quality and parameteres of our castings provides that Krakodlew S.A. aspires to be an european leader in production of big castings.


Krakodlew S.A. supply metallurgical equipment to more than 100 steel plants all over the world and counterweights to a dozen leading crane manufacturers. Recently, we have also been developing cooperation with companies involved in productions and processing of lead and aluminium. Together, we are focus on new projects and through research we constantly develop our technology. It provides tangible benefits for castings production process and users of our products.

We deliver castings to such countries as: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Italy, Russia, Montenegro, Belgium, USA. Export accounts 95% of our total sale.

Our products