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RPMP.01.02.01-12-0055/18 dated on 19-11-2018

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Program.


New Dimension of casting


The project consists in the implementation of research and development works aimed at developing innovative technology for the production of flat, massive and large size castings for the metallurgical industry and machines construction machinery


The technology enables the casting of large-size, massive plates of high-quality modified cast iron using the control of the crystallization process and cooling of the casting.


The technology uses aninnovative system for controlling the process of crystallization of large-size plate castings. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to produce castings much more accurate than before, with a significant reduction in the use of machining.

This will reduce the working time of employees, wear rate of machining elements, electricity consumption and improve the quality of the casting.

Innovative castings with tightened values ​​of dimensional tolerance, shape and weight.

The innovative technology of casting in a vertical arrangement enables the creation of plate castings up to 3000 x 3000 x 400 mm and weighing 20 mg


 The meeting on June 23, 2022 at the Company’s headquarters was an opportunity to summarize the project implementation.

Thanks to the funds granted from the Regional Operational Program of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship for 2014-2020 and the cooperation of the involved units, it was possible to introduce a worldwide innovative foundry technology.