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„Success awaits those who unlock the courage to reach the goal they imagine.“ 

Another stormy and intense talks with representatives of the Cracow University of Technology regarding the project behind us.

On Tuesday, November 26th at the seat of the beneficiary – Krakodlew s.a. another project meeting was held to present the basic assumptions and activities carried out during the first stage of the project as well as the goals and tasks that should be achieved by the end of 2022. 

#NorwayGrants – Planning time!
which means:

investigation and thinking that cause to identify and examine these variables, which raises awareness and gives a much more complete and useful #perspective .

Project implemented under the Norwegian project


 „Implementation of an innovative recovery and storage technology and reuse of thermal energy from the used molding mass“.

"we realized the amount of heat generated by the process which is not used "

"The entire foundry industry faces the same problem - large amounts of heat generated in the form of sand and mass are not used. That is why we decided to launch activities whose effect is an eco - friendly technology for the development of this potential and a patent for heat recovery."
Agnieszka Ziółko
President of the Board

Norway grants can be used for development, implementation and commercialisation of innovative technologies, solutions, processes, products (goods and/or services).

Project promotors of the programme could be micro, small and medium-sized enterprises operating and implementing projects in Poland, in particular in cooperation with Norwegian entities.


The collaboration on innovation and exchange of knowledge between Polish and Norwegian companies, research unit and other entities that lead to greening industrial and maritime companies as well as green (like our Foundry), blue, and welfare product development shall be the subject of proposed projects.


Norwegian Financial Mechanism (Norway Grants) are a form of non-returnable foreign aid granted EU members – more than ten countries of central and southern Europe and the Baltic States.
The main purpose of the Norway Grants and the EEA Grants is to contribute to decreasing economic and social differences within the EEA and to strengthen the bilateral relations between the donor states and the beneficiary country

The need to participate in the Norwegian competition
resulted from the implementation of the POIG project (OPERATIONAL PROGRAM INNOVATIVE ECONOMY 2010-2015) 


consisting in the development of the technology
of directionalform degassing and directional solidification of metal

Cooperation with the R&D unit under stage 1 is the implementation of development
works in the field
of development and validation of thermal energy recovery technology. 
The research and development
unit has technical knowledge and experience in carrying out works
of a similar nature, scope and complexity. Analyzes will also be carried out in terms of strength
and durability of the proposed solutions

Inaugural meeting of the Norwegian project

24.06.2021 at our company headquarters,
a formal meeting was held to start the implementation of the Norwegian project: „Implementation of an innovative recovery and storage technology and reuse of thermal energy from the used molding mass“.
At our humble thresholds, we are honoured
to welcome, among others, representatives from industry, academia, scientific and research units, business institutions and local government authorities. The presentation took place under the direction of our promotion manager Mateusz Śmietana